“Thank you so much for helping me learn about photography. You inspired me to keep taking photos, and I learned so much from your class in the summer. Your mentoring has affected a wide variety of the tools and techniques that I use when I take photos. Everything I learned from your class motivated my project, and I am very grateful for your help.My project culmination for Recital Night is coming up, and I would love it if you came. I will be displaying my pictures and featuring my website. Thanks again” Austin C. age 13

“My son has been attending Kathi's summer photo camp for 3 years now and has loved it every year. Kathi's a great photographer, and a skilled, patient, and enthusiastic teacher, and great to work with. Whether you want a family portrait, want some photo lessons for yourself, or are looking for a great summer camp for your kids, I highly recommend her. Joanne E.

"My niece Anna who took your class is now junior year book editor; and she gets all the best photo assignments. I’m sure it’s because she took your class." Amy M.

“Most amazing of all are Kathi's Photo Classes for Kids. During summer vacation and school breaks sign your kids up for one or more of Kathi's photo camps and be amazed at the incredible photos they come home with. Both my boys have attended and came home with still-life images they created, neighborhood shots, and portraits of themselves. REALLY COOL Maria C

“My teen-age son and his out-of-town cousins (11 and 13) loved her week-long summer photography program. My son even very happily did it again the following summer. She adapts her program and her style to the kids, helping them find their "style" through experimentation. She teaches how to see, gives the kids indoor and outdoor techniques, thematic field trips, creates good group atmosphere, provides them with the proud experience of achieving something, culminating in an impressive album of their own work. Plus they get around the City and see it in new ways.” Kate B

"I am 14-years-old and have attended Kathi's summer camp for two years now. I have LOVED her camp and more than anything appreciate how much she has taught me about photography. Each day we look at other photographer's works, take photos of our own, and review the photos taken that day. We go to different places in San Francisco and have the chance to experiment with different techniques that we have learned. Kathi is a great teacher. Aside from being an amazing photographer herself, she is patient, helpful and has influenced my passion for photography. I am definitely planning on attending her camp again next year.” Sara P.

"From her time with Kathi my daughter has learned not only a great deal about photography, but also how to look at the world around her and engage with it on an aesthetic level. How priceless is that? Danielle F.

"As always, my son really appreciates how you interact with him as a peer artist rather than teaching down to a kid. This is an environment he thrives in, able to take an idea and run with it without getting cut short" Sally P.

"Ian jumped into the car after Monday's camp with you and, before I could ask him, said so expressively, "Camp is so much fun!" Ian has never ever said that despite going to many camps in his life time. He is having a great time learning all about the camera, photography, and editing. Thank you for having a great camp and connecting with Ian so well. Thanks again for the inspiring class for Ian," L.K.


"I've been taking digital photos for at least 6 years but never really understood concepts, designs, composition. I took private classes with Kathi and with just one lesson I was able to understand the difference between good photos and great ones. I can say that although I am no pro, I can now take beautiful photos and not have to rely on the Auto mode in my camera. Kathi is patient and great at making photography jargon in way that I can understand. I now shoot with great intention to perspective, composition, light and depth of field. Kathi is not only a great photographer but a wonderful teacher as well."- Bo H.

"While visiting San Francisco, my sister surprised me with a gift of a 2 hr lesson with Kathi. I had a great time, and felt very comfortable. Although Kathi is a very experienced photographer she was very open to my questions and ready to give me the right answers. She taught me how to use my camera and more importantly a little bit of the art of photography. It was very clear to me that it's not about the camera, but the scenery, the lights, the right settings and being able to capture what you want. I would recommend this class for everyone that like to take pictures, either professionally or just for fun. I'll be sure to come back when I'm in San Francisco". Dayana

"When I first got my camera, a Canon G-10, I struggled with it for some months, unable to really do much with it other than turning it on and off. At some point I decided on getting some help from Kathi, and I'm so glad I did. One of the first things she did was to show me how to use the P setting at 400 ASA and with that I began taking pictures of everything. I found joy in walking down the street and snapping away... Then we progressed to AV on 80 ASA and up and that's when I started using the macro setting. Through her I discovered flowers, which are perfect for beginners as flowers are so colorful and photogenic and they seem to be everywhere. Yesterday during my lesson it was the first time I combined two photos, using a texture. It turned out so beautiful and inspired me to want to experiment with this. One of the things I like about Kathi is her patience and encouragement. She finds something positive about all my photos or tells me how to make them better. When I was looking for a photography teacher I read that she works with teaching children. There was something comforting about this. I guess I thought, hmm, if she can teach kids then she can teach me, ha ha! I'm really glad I started taking classes. Photography has opened up a whole new world for me". Eliza's comment on her Flickr site about Kathi..

Studio: 324 Fell Street near Gough, Studio Phone: 415.35.1900 kathi@kathioleary.com www.kathioleary.com

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